My Biggest Mystery. His Greatest Discovery.

What is this?..this nectar secreting from my twolips?
..consisting of reactions from the way your gaze rests upon my chest
heart sprinting in place, a rush shoots through me
I’m submerged.
Deep in this sea of feelings you give me, these
..feelings with no explanation.
I’m here now but where do I get out?
The waves begin speaking to me in whispers as the hairs on the surface of our skin embrace.
Will my body submit to him?
Who are you to deserve my flowers
resting upon pools of healing water?
You look at me and you see skin..you aren’t him.
He sees beneath the surface, parts my waters, licks my lips.
It is he to whom my body submits.
It is he who explains. It is he who deserves.
It is he who solves my mystery.
Mystery of true beauty, living internally.
Within me it sleeps eternally.
Some spills onto the surface yet..he’s never distracted.
His focus of obsession is unbreakable.
Case sealed.


Good For Me

Intervals unaccompanied by you are like vegetables.
A bitter emergence with a beneficial ending.
I need them.
I need you.
But not today.
I need me.



Wait for your king, don’t settle for the joker
All are apprised of a joker playing poker
Gambling with love, with feelings, with time
Breaking one’s heart should really be a crime
computer love

Computer Love

How is it that I connect the deepest with someone I only know above the surface
your ways are my ways and their ways
turn to waves
in my stomach when you call me beautiful
when you say you want me I don’t believe it
but you convince me well
can you tell
my infatuation with you is easy to feel
hard to express
we both have the past presently holding us from the unknown
which I can see as goodness
a love we’ve never had
a love we daydream about
a love we have the tools to create but decide to leave undone
is it the mile the money the motivation
all three? Is it me?
Can’t you see
past coincidence and into fate
we fail to believe in its potential to be infinite
we choose to live emotionally alone
instead of in solitude with one another
trust for you has been consumed to where you have none left for me
so let’s build a new
a stronger wall that encloses us and let’s nothing else in
except for the warmth of the sun and hue of the moon
one of which underneath i dream of you often
if only dreams came true


My Mother Knows Me

The sun reveals herself
from the rear of the clouds once
my feet
touch the surface of her earth

Associates by Lineage

Hey my sister why you standing over there?
It’s as if you don’t know me
But then you show me
This pigment of ya skin
This pigment speaks deeper than a lesion
It’s a reflection of oppression that’s ongoing like a season
It’s a symbol of a disease
Strange fruit swinging from trees
They beat us to our knees
Until we bruise like an apple
Don’t worry they said you have freedom now
Oh no no no there’s no more Jim Crow
But when I turn around they’re just two steps away
In the grocery aisle asking me ma’am did you pay?
I’m still the last they call back
Forget the resume
What can I say?
We live in this skin everyday
Maneuvering through obstacles in disarray
So I’ll ask again
My sister
Why are you standing so far away?
Black is black in their eyes don’t you see?
We may be strangers but you’ve always known me


Since upon a time.
I have felt you. Your presence.
Validated by my jumping crimson life clock.
Sharing the throne as we do the air.
I am your spine.
Without it, you’re immobile.
With me, you’re immune.
The future has a space for you.
A space encompassing galaxies of my love and redolence of my skin when we embrace.
Our mutual discovery was inevitable.
No coincidences, only purpose.
I have yet to see your face…
but my heart knows what nature will soon reveal.
You look like royalty,
sound like carefulness,
smell like dominance,
feel like humility.
A god who fears God.
Sexually, mentally, emotionally, eternally…
lift me.


Pre Wrap never worked the same for my hair
Like it did for Becky’s
It may have refused to stay on my head
It took a liking to my knees
As it did Becky’s
Our hair contrasted greatly
Our skin was the same
Not in color
But to the touch
People tend to treat us differently because of color
Pre Wrap worked in equal for us both
Never for my hair

Bright Side

Nobody sees good in a lie
except for I
Lies simply hurt because of a misassumption
One in which assumes I trusted you enough to tell you the truth
A truth that hurts.
But could help?
Could you..
How could I?
..would you assume the worst from
an atom of a word?
Nobody sees good in a lie
except for I


I don’t need you.
But you need me though.
I don’t think you know.
I see right through.


I don’t get invested.
You can say I’m cold.
But that would be bold.
For one who’s interested.


Don’t take it hard.
It’s not how you think.
I like when we link.
Break down my guard.


Show me you’re other.
So not like the rest.
Could you pass that test?
I’ll be your lover.

Self Exposed

Let me break it down
Simplistically for you
While avoiding the many
Explicit things I do
If the minds of children understand the alphabet
Then I’m certain so can that of an adult mindset


I’ve got a C in the 463
M in o-g-o
An L, an A, and a D
In the M, K, and the E
Coulda woulda shoulda had a G
In the V
But the G couldn’t let go of the T
Had a B
Who left me
Once they snagged
A degree
J tried to say
We did more than just lay
Both of us know the way
Things went down that day
When it’s all said and done
I’ll end up with one
And that person will be
The end, the Z


The key to me
Is security
Some honesty
But honestly?
I can’t see
Ahead of me
I love hard
And infinitively
So the one
From fate
Who reciprocates
Will stay



Martin didn’t die
He was killed
His heart drowned in white hate
A wounded body ignored by mirroring faces
Metal bars robbing him of his breath
Confined spaces
Martin didn’t die
He was killed
When those with rhythm refused to march
And those with legs refused to stand
Rosa didn’t sit for comfort
Justice unplanned
Martin didn’t die
He was killed
For us to go to war with words in place of artillery
So little black children could expand imaginations
As a sacrifice for the dignity of us all
Equal nations
Martin didn’t die



She’s earthly, she’s natural
Beautifully admirable
Her wildflower trips you up
Dragged through her ocean current
Stirred you up
Can’t keep up
If you’re worth it, time will tell
Through her waters, you’ll prevail
Then she’ll keep you, end of pursue
Just be stealthy, do not fail


Random Thoughts That Rhyme

Can a picture still be beautiful when colored outside the lines?
What if those lines are just guides, not boundaries?
Let me help you see. Just because it’s been proclaimed as one way doesn’t mean that’s what it should be. Perspective is key. 


Don’t make me wait until I’m bound.
Let’s just fuck another round. 


Walk down the isle in a gown? 
Avoid bankruptcy, keep your crown.


Don’t break comfort for a stranger.
Now you’re lost and in danger.


You’re all you’ve got, so once you’re gone.
They play your life just like a pawn.


Letting society take lead
Is waiting for growth with no seed. 


Maintain a purpose. Your dignity.
So you can live a life that’s free.